Slope NFTs Market

Metaplex, as an NFT infrastructure of Solana Ecosystem, it empowers artists and creators mint their own NFTs and launch self-hosted NFTs storefront. Metaplex is embedded into Slope Wallet as a primary function. In addition, users can auction, store, transfer, and resell NFTs in Slope Wallet.

With an average minting cost of less than a dollar and no platform fee, Metaplex is shifting the balance of power back to artists and creators. NFT Images, audio, video, or media of any size are stored permanently on the blockchain with Arweave. No centralized servers hosting media. Metaplex-minted NFTs are created forever and immutable, like a tattoo in cyberspace. On-chain auctions offer powerful formats, with instant payouts and NFT transfers. Create Limited or Open Editions for fans, or run a Tiered Auction where collectors bid for bundles of NFTs assigned at specific tiers.

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