Managing Assets

How do I send / receive digital assets?

  1. In the app, click the Homepage button (bottom left), then click Send or Receive.

  2. Send: Choose transfer Token, input the receiver's public address or scan their account QR code, and enter the amount on Pay Out page.

  3. Receive: Transfer token by scanning QR code or public address from another wallet.

Does Slope Wallet support NFT?


You can transfer, receive or save NFT on Slope Wallet. But there is no trading market.

Can I swap other types of cryptocurrencies in Slope Wallet?


Use our Swaps feature to swap tokens inside Slope Wallet. Except for the tokens that are not included in Solana liquidity pools, you can select different types of that by searching tokens on Token Swap page.

  1. Click Token Swap page button (bottom middle).

  2. Click the token name which you want to change.

  3. Search for a token.

Can I exchange cross-chain assets?


Slope Wallet currently supports Solana blockchain on the extension chrome and mobile app. Slope Wallet will support cross-chain swap in the coming weeks.

Can I access other Dapps from the mobile Slope Wallet APP?


Access Browser Page (the second button on the bottom left) to select your favorite Dapps.

What if I made a wrong transaction? How do I reverse it?

Sorry. Because Slope Wallet is a decentralized light wallet, we are not able to track or recover any transactions.

We highly recommend double-checking your input information while transferring.

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