How could I swap tokens?

  1. Choose the token you have and you're willing to 'spend', using the drop-down menu at the top to change the token.

  2. Choose the token you're interested in acquiring using the second drop-down menu to change.

  3. Adjust the amount of the first token up or down until you're comfortable with the amount you're spending and the amount you're acquiring.

  4. At the bottom of the screen, there's a 'Swap' button. Smash that button!

Why did my swap fail?

Slope Wallet Swaps can fail for multiple reasons, but the primary one is due to slippage. When you perform a swap, it means you agree to a price quote. Therefore, If the price of the swap exceeds the allowed slippage set, in order to prevent you from a huge variance in value when swap completed, it will fail.In this case, please retry it by clicking "Slippage" and then increase the price slippage. Please be aware that it means the swap will still be completed even if the token price changes more drastically during pending or confirming.If the swap still failed after above steps, please contact our support team (Business@slope.finance).

Why can't I find the target token in Swap?

With the rapid development of the Solana ecosystem, there are kinds of tokens on the Solana chain. To make it easier for users to manage their tokens, we will choose some popular tokens in the community and add them to the Slope token list for users to search. So you can't find a token when Slope didn't add it. But if you can't find it in Slope, it doesn't mean Slope doesn't support the token. As long as the token meets the token standard of the chain, you could manage the token in Slope.

Does Slope take extra fees in the swap?

No, Slope currently has no plans for taking extra fees.

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